Il est toujours étonnant de voir ressortir le designer comme un joker définitif pour justifier du bien-fondé d’un projet. Voire assez cocasse de brandir ce joker comme étendard labellisé «modernité» !

Alors oui, dans les années 80, il est vrai que l’on demandait au designer de donner forme…

THE NEWS IN DESIGN : It’s the Winter Olympics!

It’s the Winter Olympics!

Every time the Olympics are back, a riot of creations from the host country comes along. Creations that wants to sign with their hand and their image this international event. A logo, a graphic universe declined in pictograms for each sport, and gantries, and catwalks and of course … torches.

The torch is that symbolic big thing erected at arm’s length and supposed to represent the journey of the Olympic flame from one country to another. Who remembers a torch from the past ? The one Starck designed for the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville ? We had that one in our hands and, well, to run with this beast at arm’s length is worth a drive strand. Something is also quite remarkable : they are often designed “as if” they were industrial objects, while they are prototypes made for some hacky TV copies. The last one, made for Sochi, that Putin grips, is absolutely freaky. It looks like a machete for an executioner. All “official” explanations of the torch’s design are available here.